Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Welcome to run60north

This site is under construction, and will document reviews of running gear, books on or by runners, training ideas and principles, and my own efforts to gain form and (a little) speed as I pursue marathon running as a late adopter. Training at 60 degrees North latitude in Bethel Alaska where we live and drive on ice 7 to 8 months each year means a lot of indoors training combined with running through a wide range of weather and conditions. It’s an exciting time for runners, however. The discussion on form and minimalism, running shoes morphing at a rate heretofore unseen, the technology available to runners both on-wrist or arm and on computer and internet, and the hundreds of blogs and web sites dedicated to going fast or far or just getting out and going forward all speak to a modern running revolution. So, welcome and please allow time to get this thing built!

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